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    Polyethylene Pipes » Material Designation

    Polyethylene Pipes

    Material Designation

    A new generation of High Performance Polyethylene materials have been developed by the leading resin manufacturers for the production of pipes and fittings. These newly developed compounds, which are now used by SAPPCO and are termed as:

                                            PE 80 / MRS 8 MPa
                                            PE 100 / MRS 10 MPa

    The numbers relate to the MRS (Minimum Required Strength) value of the material as Specified in the latest Editions of relevant International Standard Organization (ISO), European (EN) and German (DIN) Standards.These Polyethylene Compound materials also meet the requirements of American Standard ASTM D3350 for HDPE cell classification PE 345434C and are designated as PE 3408. 

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