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  • Advantages of Polyethylene Pipes
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    CPVC PIPES » Advantages of CPVC Pipe

    CPVC Pipes

    Advantages .
    • CPVC Pipe has a smooth, friction free inner bore which results in high flow rate, less opportunity for bacteria growth and almost completely eliminates the scale build-up in the piping system.
    • CPVC pipe is particularly suitable for the conveyance of desalinized / demineralized water in Saudi Arabia where serious corrosion problems resulting in narrowing of the bore are experienced in the galvanized steel pipe.
    • Unlike copper or other metal pipes, CPVC plumbing pipe will not rust, pit or scale.
    • Non-toxic and environment friendly.
    • CPVC pipe is jointed exactly the same way as rigid PVC pipe using CPVC solvent cement, which makes installation easy.
    • CPVC pipe is light weight, easy to handle, transport, install and repair as compared to metallic pipes.
    • Manufactured locally in Saudi Arabia

    CPVC Performs Where Copper and Galvanized Steel Fail

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