• Material Properties
  • UPVC Pipe Dimensions
  • Pipes For Water Supply
  • Pipes for Soil, Waste, & Vent
  • Pipe for Underground Gravity Drainage & Sewage
  • Electrical & Telecommunication Cable Conduit
  • Electrical & Telecommunication Underground Ducts
  • UPVC Pipe to British Standards for Potable Water
  • Fabricated Drawn Radius Bends
  • Fabricated Couplings
  • Rigid PVC Pipe Dimensions Based on ASTM D1785 & D2665
  • Effect of Elevated Temperature on Rigid PVC Pipe
  • Rigid PVC Conduit
  • Rigid PVC Fabricated Elbows to NEMA TC 3
  • Rigid PVC Fabricated Bends to NEMA TC 9
  • Handling and Storage
  • Introduction
  • FlowGuard™ - The Right Product
  • Material Properties
  • Chemical Properties
  • Hot & Cold Water Systems - Dimensions
  • Effect of Elevated Temperature
  • Advantages of CPVC Pipe
  • Introduction
  • Material Designation
  • Polyethylene Material Properties
  • HDPE Pressure Pipes for Water Supply - Dimensions
  • HDPE Non Pressure Pipes - Dimensions
  • HDPE Sub-Duct with Pre-Installed Pull Rope Inside
  • Sub-Duct & Miniduct - Dimensions
  • Advantages of Polyethylene Pipes
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    Sappco Dammam Factory, a limited liability commenced its first year of commercial activities as a plastic pipe producer in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia in the early eighties.

    The company is Proud Owner of a fully integrated plant for the production of UPVC, CPVC and PE plastic pipe products and operates sophisticated state of the art plant and machinery for manufacturing and marketing of standard and custom built items for meeting accelerated needs of fast expending industries in the KSA and other countries.

    The fully automated Extrusion facilities are efficiently exploited by a dedicated team of expert technicians to achieve customer satisfaction and thus the company has emerged as a Customer Driven Organization which is able to respond to changing Customer needs.

    Sappco Dammam Factory operates a quality System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 9001:2008 / has been successfully assessed and certified in this respect.

    The Customers preference of our Company's finished products covers a large number of applications of our Environmentally Friendly PVC, CPVC & PE Pipes for drinking water projects, Irrigation, Sewage network, Electrical, Telecommunication and Fiber optic Cable Systems both in domestic and export markets.

    Quality control is strictly maintained to ensure the products meet customer specified / required SASO / International product standards coupled with frequent independent Quality Control tests carried in and outside Saudi Arabia.

    Furthermore, to ensure customer satisfaction the company provides technical advisory services with assistance before and after sales.

    Our affiliated company APLACO in Riyadh manufactures UPVC and CPVC Pipe fittings designed to standards for use with SAPPCO pipes. The Comprehensive range of fittings are available from our factory stores.


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